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Hello, I’m Lucy!


I help mums and dads to navigate divorce with confidence, without losing control.

I am an online coach, a mum and a divorcée. I can support you at all stages of the divorce process and beyond.

Through a unique blend of coaching and consultancy, I can help you

  • Plan what to say to your partner
  • Decide when and how to tell your children
  • Know how to work with a lawyer
  • Organise co-parenting with your children’s other parent
  • Feel confident in the face of change
  • Get ready for an amazing future
  • Overcome challenges along the way

    On my website you can find out more about me, book a complimentary call and read testimonials from other people just like you who have worked with me to navigate their divorces with confidence.

It’s great to meet you.


My support is tailored to you, your needs and the needs of your children.


As a mother and former teacher and now a divorce coach, I care about your children’s experience of divorce and help you keep their needs front and centre and have the personal and professional experience for this.

Divorce can be a positive change for some families: the key is to minimise conflict and get the matter resolved as soon as possible.

Whether you want guidance on how to best support your children, or you’d like to help in drafting a parenting plan, or want to feel positive about your future as a separated parent, I help parents to achieve this.

Not sure where to start?

 I work with parents (one person only; I regret I am unable to work with you together) who have experienced relationship breakdown . Maybe you are considering your options, or you’ve decided to separate and are mid-way through divorce. I can help you with the practical and elements of divorce, according to your needs and situation. This can include dealing with a toxic ex; establishing boundaries for coparenting and, in working alongside legal professionals, preparing for a court appearance. it’s true you can grow through what you go through – if you have the practical help and emotional support you need.

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Client Feedback

Lucy’s (extensive) personal knowledge of the legal and court systems, razor-sharp intellect (she is awesome at quickly firing off an effective email) and no-nonsense but personable approach make her the perfect person to metophorically (I’m sure she’d do so in real life too!) hold your hand through this whole scary process.



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Lucy’s Thoughts

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Getting divorced? Get started.

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Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

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Getting Divorced? A reading list.

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