30 things I love about coaching

by | 6 Apr 2020

I started working with coaches a couple of years ago and consider them crucial to my life and work. I was reflecting on this, and considering some of the ways coaches can help. You might never have hired a coach before – well, divorce is a great time to find a coach and start reaping the rewards.

During a divorce, you’re facing unparalleled change and upheaval. More than ever you need to build a team of people who can help you with personal and professional support. 

In coaching, I dig into all areas of my clients’ lives (this is one of the things I enjoy about the job) and and so I can help with whichever aspect of divorce needs attention.

Here are some of the things I love about coaching, and the some of the advantages you might experience in working with a coach:

Coaching is future-focused and optimistic

Coaching offers clarity

Coaching offers a safe space to consider possibilities

Coaching offers the chance to ‘borrow confidence’

Coaches offer wisdom from their experience and expertise

Coaching is a gateway to personal transformation

Coaching adds value to your efforts, and so can improve your life

Coaching allows you to become brim-ful of self-confidence & builds your self-esteem

Coaching borrows from therapy and consultancy if necessary

Coaches get YOU to do the thinking

Coaches have coaches too, so they understand what the experience is like

Coaches cheerlead for you when you’re nervous

Coaching is bespoke, tailored & flexible

Coaching is reassuring when you’re treading a new path 

Coaching can save you money AND time

Coaching allows you to stretch your own boundaries

Coaching can provide a safe space to be challenged, knowing you’re supported

Coaching accelerates progress

Coaches offer shortcuts through their networks 

Coaches offer the ‘x factor’ when you’re trying to make something happen

Coaching can bring a holistic view to your situation and ensure you are not tripping yourself up

Coaching can help you to focus

Coaching puts an end to procrastination

Coaching is supportive & non-judgemental

Coaching can save you time and money

Coaching can help you feel calm and confident

Coaching can be fun


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