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Divorce coaching services

I offer coaching for parents who need help and support during the divorce process and beyond.  

I can help you to navigate the emotional overwhelm and support you with decision-marking as you decide what’s best and show you what you need to do during divorce.

I feel strongly that – for most families – divorce should not take place in a courtroom. There is a real need for support and guidance in keeping conflict low, at a time when you might be feeling scared or vulnerable. I can teach you specific skills and techniques for communication during a high-conflict divorce, using my method of emotional cooperation.

As your coach, I can help you with wider issues you may encounter as you get divorced, working alongside your legal team and support network.

All the parents I work with have different circumstances and different skillsets. Working 1:1, I can provide the help you need. I like to start with the end in mind, which is a new chapter for you and your children where you are calm and in control, pleased to have navigated the choppy waters of a marriage that was no longer right for your family. 

It’s empowering to have someone to talk to who can help you to make informed decisions, and informed decisions that take your emotional wellbeing into consideration. I know what it’s like to be a busy mum: time is perhaps the most precious thing we have (apart from our children),  and I don’t want you to waste yours.

My aim is to help you make the right decisions for you and your family, confident you have the support you need, whatever twists and turns you face.

It is always sad when a marriage ends in divorce, but rarely sad when the divorce ends: I’d love to talk to you about ways we could work together to help you to move on with confidence to the next chapter of your life.

I offer virtual coaching online via Zoom. Please get in touch today by booking a complimentary call. I look forward to talking to you.



Working with me can lead to reduced legal fees, better emotional wellbeing (including through less legal friction) and hopefully a sense of calm, confidence and stability for you and your children.

I am currently accepting applications to work with me via Zoom on a 1:1 basis.

To discuss options for working together, please book a complimentary call today. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Client Feedback

One of the biggest revelations was the fact that Lucy helped us to see things from the children’s perspective. Often we got so caught up in the battles and bitterness that it inevitably rubbed off on the children.  Lucy helped my partner to calm down and recommended a number of actions she should take when things go too much.

We can never thank Lucy enough and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who finds themselves in a similar position.

If you have Lucy by your side from the beginning you will not only save a fortune on legal fees but you will find someone who will have immense empathy mixed with straight-line talking and composite knowledge.


If you’re getting divorced, I urge you to think ‘coach’ before ‘lawyer’.