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‘Confident Divorce’: my two-month online coaching package for mums (or Dads) at any stage of the divorce process 

For Mums (or Dads) contemplating divorce: 

If you are ANXIOUS or WORRIED about separation and divorce, FEELING ALONE or FEARUL about extortionate legal fees and stressful court cases, CONFUSED about the divorce process and NERVOUS about life as a single parent…  

My Confident Divorce package can help you.  

Book a complimentary call today to find out how we can work together and how I can support you as you go through divorce and come out the other side. 

Learn the skills you need to get through divorce without stress, and come out the other side feeling positive about the future.   

Now more than ever before….   

If you want divorce to be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made  

You need to develop the SKILLS, STRATEGIES and INSIGHTS to help you keep a level-head…   

When you anticipate divorce, during the process itself and in the years ahead.  

And how’s that?   

  With my tried-and-tested ‘Confident Divorce’ Coaching Package 

 This is not just any old coaching…   

This is divorce coaching with a difference. 

From someone who’s been there…   

Who understands what it’s like…  

Who can help you prepare for the process and see it through feeling calm and in control. 

Someone with proven methods to help you feel confident, by answering your questions and helping you prepare for the unknown 


Being worried about which step to take next 


Saying the wrong thing to your children  

Letting your ex bully or overpower you  


Feeling afraid about your future as a divorced parent 


Worrying about where you’ll live or how you’ll pay the bills  

This is the remedy for divorce overwhelm…  

Head in the sand… 

Panicky phone calls to friends and family (who don’t always understand what it’s like)  

A feeling of dread at the prospect of being away from your children  

Unnecessary legal fees or the fear that you will have to go to court 

Mountains of paperwork 

Feeling haunted by mistakes of the past   

A sense of dread every time a text arrives from your ex or a legal letter arrives   

Not really having a life at all.  

It’s time to end this madness, once and for all.  

I’m not going to give you lukewarm tea-and-sympathy coaching.  

This is black-belt divorce coaching, inside YOUR life, to prepare you for a step into the unknown.  

My two-month ‘Confident Divorce’ coaching package offers you:   

  • Clarity regarding the legal divorce process (NB I am not qualified to provide legal advice)
  • A checklist of things to say and do regarding your children
  • ‘Emotional Cooperation’, my method for effective communication – even with a tricky ex
  • Strategies to feel calm and in control during the divorce process
  • A rocksolid action plan for a wonderful future that allows you to feel positive  

My ‘Confident Divorce’ coaching package is the key to feeling calm and confident as you go through separation and divorce.     

Why do I offer this?    

Because I recognise how complex divorce can seem, especially when you’re not sure what you need to do first 

Because I know people think that using a lawyer would make it easy… but that is only part of the picture 

Because you hope divorce will be amicable, and this is more likely to happen only if you know some specific steps to take 

Because I know that having someone to talk to – someone who can bear the weight of your fears and concerns – makes the difference

Because I know the short-cuts to getting divorce over and done with in a timely fashion, without having to have endless conversations with a lawyer (a lawyer has a key role when it comes to dealing with the legal aspects, but they are not there for emotional or practical support) 

Because I know that’s it’s better for children if you can minimise conflict between you and your ex, and that this means learning new skills

Because I know this kind of support and input can support you and help you feel better 

Because I know that Confident Divorce gives you the BEST chance of moving on with your life rather than getting stuck in a complex legal fight which could leave your emotions in shreds and your bank balance in tatters. 

Once you’ve had coaching with me you’ll understand what you must do and what you mustn’t do to stay in control as you go through this important life change. 

In addition to Confident Divorce, I can help you plan for life after divorce – ‘You v2’. 

I can help you anticipate some of the opportunities and challenges and give you tools and strategies to ensure your future is bright. 

Once you’ve completed Confident Divorce, you will feel ready for all that the process involves. 

You will know how to get through the process as quickly as possible. 

You will feel confident that you can do this and come out feeling strong.

That’s why it’s time for YOU to get confident about your divorce. 

I’ve compiled the most comprehensive coaching and training on divorce you can get.  

It’s incredibly affordable, and will save you £000s, compared to going it alone. 

Because what I’ve prepared and set aside for YOU… 

I know covid has taken its toll on many marriages, and I want YOU to have the easiest divorce you possibly can.  

I want you and your children to be able to recover from your marriage breakdown and move forward with confidence.  

I want divorce to end your marriage, not break your family. 

I want divorce to be the path to future happiness, not the final nail in the coffin of your happiness.  

I want you to feel confident that you’ve made the best decision for yourself, your children and your family. 

In the past five years I’ve seen people save themselves from heartache and conflict by learning the strategies I can teach YOU in Confident Divorce, and go on to enjoy life after their marriage ends  

I’ve helped parents just like you find inner strength; deal with conflict without letting it destroy them and negotiate coparenting issues without having to go to court. I’ve seen parents grow in optimism and confidence now their divorce is behind them and they’ve got their lives back.    


If you KNOW you are scared of divorce and have no idea what to do first… 

If you KNOW you would benefit from having someone to support you and show you the way…

If you KNOW that lawyers are great for legal advice but you need help with your emotional life too…. 

If you KNOW that your ex is hell-bent on trying to ruin your life and you are terrified… 

Contact me for a complimentary call to find out how we could work together.

During this confidential zoom chat you can explain your situation and gain clarity on what you want to achieve, as well as what you want to avoid. We can make a plan to help this happen.

As a client, you will benefit from my years of experience – including personal experience of high-conflict divorce – and be able to use the shortcuts I’ve discovered to save yourself time, money and heartache.

Working together, you will be able to see your divorce in a positive light and feel excited about the life ahead of you.

You won’t be going through divorce alone: I am there to help support you every step of the way and teach you all you need to know to go through divorce with confidence, clarity and calm.

Working together, you’ll learn hard-hitting truths about how to get divorced with confidence, learning the How-to, the Know-how, the Step-by-Step, the Mindsets and the Strategies you need…

 So you can FINALLY leave behind the questions, the lies and the confusion….

And get through divorce with confidence and ready to enjoy the life ahead. 

That’s why it’s time for you to pull back the curtain on the divorce process and get prepared to go through it with clarity and a positive attitude.

With my ‘Confident Divorce’ package, you’ll discover:

What the legal process of divorce involves, and what it doesn’t. This will help you plan for the months ahead and stop you feeling afraid about whether you’re doing it right. NEVER be scared of a legal letter again.

Why you mustn’t skip out on looking after yourself. Missing this can cause divorce to feel much more stressful and unsettling than it needs to. Let’s make a bespoke plan that ensures you can juggle demands of family life and divorce without compromising your sanity and emotional wellbeing.

Unsure what to tell the children? Learn what you MUST and MUST NOT say to your children so they can come to terms with your divorce and know that they are not to blame and that they will continue to have both parents in their lives.

Why you probably don’t have a communication problem with your ex, but a miscommunication problem – Learn my methods for ‘Emotional Cooperation’ which keeps the channels of communication open no matter what. These methods are for everyone: whether you are on good terms or facing high conflict. If you’re getting into arguments or leaving conversations feeling threated or upset, this course is essential.

How to feel calm during a phase of uncertainty, without overwhelm: let us work together to find the antidotes to stress that really work for you and build your resilience. Let’s spend a session identifying areas where you feel limiting or burdens on emotions about the past, present or future. We can change these emotions and your emotional reaction so you have more positive emotional energy in your life.

Quickly discover the 1-2-3 vital moves your must make BEFORE you see a lawyer. If you don’t do this, chances are you’ll run up enormous legal bills without actually progressing your divorce, and increasing conflict between you and your ex.

Proven and practical ways to start rebuilding your life despite the changes that divorce can bring to your home life, family life and your personal identity. If you need tips and pointers, referrals to an expert or you’d like to talk through your hopes and fears, I am here for to show you the way.

If coparenting feels like a challenge to you, talking this through with someone who has your children’s best interests at heart can give you peace of mind and reassurance that they will thrive in two homes.

Discover how to make divorce a really positive step for you and your children – from someone who’s been there (I never thought I was the ‘divorcing type’ – but now I’m really proud I had the courage to leave an unhappy marriage and ensure a happy family life for my children).


BONUS – plan for ‘You v2’. 

 Oh, I almost forgot…. Through our 1:1 sessions, we can discuss life after divorce. By this stage I want you to be feeling confident and positive about the future, and we can explore your new identity; explore the possibilities open to you as a divorced person and get excited about the future. 

My ‘Confident Divorce Package’ is the ‘pill’ to REMEDY any and all misconceptions you (or others) might have about DIVORCE. The level of stigma, confusion and despair about divorce is staggering, and it’s STOPPING YOU from believing that your life can be wonderful once you’re divorced.

Did you know? Divorce can be the way to secure your future happiness.

As a parent, your children rely on you to model good mental health and to protect them from future knocks and setbacks.  Once you feel that your divorce is a positive step, you’ll be able to enjoy confidence and high-self esteem. You will be open to new opportunities and new happiness.  By changing your mindset about divorce we can instil this in your mind, while still allowing yourself time to heal from the breakdown of your marriage. 

Divorce is one of the biggest changes you’ll ever make in your life and I’d love to help you imagine what your life could be like when it’s perfect. My ULTIMATE SCENARIO tool is your chance to remove limitations and mental constraints on yourself and be creative. This act of dreaming and imaging is the FIRST STEP in bringing your dreams into reality. 

 Did you know? Everyone has areas of our lives where we feel there is friction in our lives. Use my simple ‘Tolerations and Oversolutions’ strategy to free up attention to use more positively in your life.  

As you plan for a new, improved ‘chapter’ in your life you’ll be grateful to know how to plan to optimise productivity. I have been passionate about personal organisation and productivity for YEARS and the technique I will share with you will ensure you spend your time on high-value activities. Whether this means family time, focusing on a career change of prioritising self-care, The Productivity Pyramid is an easy way for you to get on top of your To Do list. 

 When you’re no longer someone’s husband or wife you can ALLOW YOURSELF to redesign your identity. We can fast-track this process by working out your LIFE PURPOSE, your values and your personal qualities so you can move on from divorce feeling GREAT.  

By joining ‘Confident Divorce’, you will have all the ‘how tos’ and ‘step by step’ methods that have helped mums and dads just like you

  • Get through divorce with confidence
  • Avoid going to court, or face court case without panic feeling confident that they are well-supported
  • Found manageable ways to communicate with a tricky ex, without emotional overwhelm
  • Instruct lawyers to help with their case (rather than using a lawyer as a battering ram, or a counsellor)
  • Felt energised and excited about the life ahead of them, and heartache behind them.


DO NOT go through divorce without doing ‘Confident Divorce’ first.

Why do I offer this?

Because I underestimated how complex divorce can be 

Because I thought that using a lawyer would make it easy and I learnt the hard way that that’s only part of the picture

Because I hoped my divorce would be amicable, but instead I had to learn how to manage a high-conflict situation 

Because I know that having someone to talk to – someone who can bear the weight of your fears and concerns – makes the difference

Because I know the short-cuts to getting divorce over and done with in a timely fashion, without having to have endless conversations with a lawyer

Because I know that’s it’s better for children if you can minimise conflict between you and your ex, and that this means learning new skills

Because I know kind of support and input can support you and help you move on with confidence

Because I know that Confident Divorce gives you the BEST chance of moving on with your life rather than going through divorce alone, which could leave your emotions in shreds and your bank balance in tatters.   

I hope you will be of those mums and dads who learns to navigate divorce with confidence, and never look back…  


Working with me can lead to reduced legal fees, better emotional wellbeing (including through less legal friction) and hopefully a sense of calm, confidence and stability for you and your children.

I am currently accepting applications to work with me via Zoom on a 1:1 basis.

To discuss options for working together, please book a complimentary call today. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Client Feedback

One of the biggest revelations was the fact that Lucy helped us to see things from the children’s perspective. Often we got so caught up in the battles and bitterness that it inevitably rubbed off on the children.  Lucy helped my partner to calm down and recommended a number of actions she should take when things go too much.

We can never thank Lucy enough and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who finds themselves in a similar position.

If you have Lucy by your side from the beginning you will not only save a fortune on legal fees but you will find someone who will have immense empathy mixed with straight-line talking and composite knowledge.


If you’re getting divorced, I urge you to think ‘coach’ before ‘lawyer’.