Why Lucy?

Are you a mum or dad getting divorced?

Do you feel frustrated by the process? The stress, the expense and the uncertainty? 

Are you warring with your spouse and racking up legal bills?  

Are you overwhelmed by the changes: perhaps a new home, the risk of not seeing your children everyday and concerns about financial upheaval?   

Are you suspicious of tactics your ex may be using and keen to stay a step ahead?  

Are you finding the stress and heartache hard to cope with and worried that this is affecting your day-to-day life and relationships? Are you developing unhealthy coping strategies that you fear could spiral out of control?   

Would you prefer to feel in control of the process that lies ahead, and do all you can to get a good outcome for your children?  

Would you like to have a someone to help you through this process? 

Would you like to have ready access to professional support that makes this a smoother process for you?  

Someone with first-hand experience of the process and the skills to help you get through this change in your life as easily as possible?  

If so, I can help.  

I am divorce consultant and coach who can support you through this transition – in fact, I aim for it to be a positive transformation. 

I am a mum of three, a divorcée and professional coach with personal experience of a high-conflict divorce. I’m here to help you ‘project manage’ all and any aspects of divorce, both the practical and the emotional facets. 

My career history includes positive psychology coaching and teaching as well as a stint in the corporate world. (My qualifications and experience are summarised below). 

I became a divorce coach and consultant to help parents like me get the support and information they need. Having been through the process personally and helped other parents too, I know the battlefield and can help you as you make decisions and take the next steps, using coaching tools to help. 

I have a wealth of wisdom and insights to help you navigate change more easily than you can on your own. I understand the pressures you are under and I know that you want to keep your life and business on track despite divorce, but that you can’t do this alone. 

Through coaching and consultancy, I’m here to help you with the road ahead. Read testimonials here  

If you’re getting divorced, don’t wait to get in touch: the earlier you receive support and advice, the better you will feel and the greater your chances of getting through divorce without inflicting damage on your children and your mental health. 

I have a strong track record for helping parents to negotiate challenges without recourse to the court, although I also help parents if they do need to go to court and I have personal experience of this (both represented by a barrister, and as a litigatant in person (LIP)). 

Even once the ink is dry on your decree absolute, you will need to find the right way to communicate with your coparent, and I can help you master skills to benefit you and your children.

GET IN TOUCH for a complimentary call to discuss your situation or e mail me in confidence at lucy@divorcenavigator.co.uk  

Why did I become a divorce consultant?

I was a coach before I got divorced, and as friends and friends-of-friends started asking me for support with their separations and divorces, I focused my efforts on helping others with divorce through coaching and consultancy.

Although divorce can be a challenge, I find it very rewarding to help others going through this experience and pride myself on helping clients get great results and finding the process easier than they had feared.  

As a consultant I can make suggestions and as a coach I can encourage you to make decision and take actions with a view to your future. 

How can I help?

Over the past few years, I have helped parents with so many different aspects of separation, divorce and the months that follow including: 
– deciding when and how to tell their spouse
– considering the road ahead: developing a coping skillset so you can manage the emotional ups and downs
– dealing with a tricky ex: drafting correspondence, deciding on next steps
– telling the children: a look at the research at the impact of divorce on children; making decisions about co parenting; preparing the conversation
– practical elements: career moves, making financial decisions (coaching is a great way to find clarity)
– finding ways to work cooperatively with your ex even when conflict is running high 
– getting them out of your head!
– going to court: what to expect, how to present yourself in front of a magistrates or a judge
– finding the confidence to move onto the new chapter with enthusiasm, not dread
– supporting people during and after narcissistic abuse: explaining the cycle and paving the way for recovery 

My Training & Qualifications 

BEd Education and Theology, University of Cambridge (including a paper on Counselling approaches in education) 

Qualified teacher and former Head of English at a top London prep school, teaching Years 5-8 (with experience of teaching Years 1 – 10). As a form teacher I had pastoral responsibility.

Certified coach: certified with Eben Pagan at Virtual Coach (2020, included 100 practice hours); a weekend course with The Coaching Academy (2018) and a 200hr diploma in positive psychology and coaching (2014). 

When I first became a coach in 2014, I helped women with emetophobia (sickness phobia) and anxiety/low self esteem/depression. 

Personal experience of divorce both with legal representation and as litigant in person in the Family Court 

I am a mother of three and have been a ‘coparent’ since 2015 

Former school governor and chair of a Patient Partnership Group at a district hospital. 

In addition to teaching and coaching, I have worked in the charity sector. 

In my student days I was a nanny for various HNW families in the UK and abroad. I tutored three children while sailing the South Pacific. I have also completed a doula preparation course.  Though these experiences are historic, I include them here to show my long-standing interest in and experience with families and children. 

I am committed to my ongoing professional development and staying up-to-date with the world of divorce. I attend training events and seminars regularly. 

I have an excellent network of professionals whom I refer clients to if I feel they can help.  

GET IN TOUCH for a complimentary call to discuss your situation or e mail me in confidence at lucy@divorcenavigator.co.uk 





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If you’re getting divorced, I urge you to think ‘coach’ before ‘lawyer’.


Client Feedback

Lucy has been a great support and makes difficult times more bearable. She is easy to talk to as she listens with empathy while I download, but knows just when to steer the conversation to what options I have, helping me come up with a practical plan and giving me confidence that I can do it.

Having worked with children as a teacher, and through having her own children, Lucy knows how different approaches to divorce can affect children differently, but also how hard it is to do it “well”.

She understands how emotionally challenging it can be when you want the best for your children and don’t trust your ex. Just having someone who understands what you are going through makes it easier to calm your emotions enough to come up with a practical plan.