About Lucy Williamson

The decision to divorce is brave and sometimes painful, and the legal system can be baffling.  I don’t want you to go through it alone. Working with me as a coach you’ll feel more confident knowing you’re supported. You can plan ahead rather than make it up as you go along.  I can warn you which elephant traps to avoid and know to expect the unexpected. This can help you feel more in control, can reduce conflict, complexity and costs. 


‘Children first’ 


I am a mother, and I have worked as a nanny and a teacher. I am divorced and have experience of the Family Court for Child Arrangements and Financial Remedy orders, both for myself and clients. I have experience of being represented (i.e. having a barrister) and representing myself (i.e. being a litigant in person). 


I care very much that you strive to get this right for your children. The way you get divorced can impact on their wellbeing, mental health and future life choices.


However, I must highlight that divorce does not have to have a negative impact on your children.  Research suggests that it is better for children to be brought up in two happy homes, than one miserable house where they may witness arguments, tension and maybe worse. I would go so far as saying that ‘staying together for the children’ – when you’re sparring or miserable – is poor rationale.


Needless to say, I understand that every family is different. While a student at the University of Cambridge, I spent my holidays working as a nanny and this experience taught me early on that all sorts of things happen behind closed doors. 


I am happy to talk about any concerns, big or small. This might include how to tell your children that you’re separating; dealing with Child Arrangements and learning to co-parent with your child’s needs front and centre without compromising your sanity. I can direct you to other sources of support as may be useful for you family. 


Why I became a divorce coach


A lifelong interest in personal development led me to train as a coach when my children were young. I am passionate about supporting people during transitional moments in their lives, including early parenthood, divorce and beyond. I do not hesitate to call myself a feminist.  

Initially, I coached women to overcome a fear of vomiting (emetophobia), anxiety, depression and low self-esteem. After a complicated divorce of my own, I started coaching others going through this process – I understand the different challenges you face after a marriage breakdown.   

Now, perhaps more than ever, you need to have a source of inner strength, and an action plan to help you move on. Coaching is a great way to gain clarity, and to start imagining a wonderful future for yourself. 

Part of the beauty of  coaching is in helping clients move forward with a real sense of confidence. You may have worked with a coach in the past or this might be the first time you’ve asked for help. I offer all prospective clients a complimentary call to discuss how this could work: the right fit matters for both of us. I will strive to make you feel at ease; to listen without judgement and seek to reassure you as much as possible. 

My coaching skills and lived experience of getting divorced make me very well-placed to work with parents when going through divorce and the years beyond.   

Please contact me for a friendly chat about how I could help you as you navigate this time in your life. 

I offer a bespoke service and your confidentiality is assured.   



Book a 45-minute no-obligation chat

If you’re getting divorced, I urge you to think ‘coach’ before ‘lawyer’.


Client Feedback

Lucy has been a great support and makes difficult times more bearable. She is easy to talk to as she listens with empathy while I download, but knows just when to steer the conversation to what options I have, helping me come up with a practical plan and giving me confidence that I can do it.

Having worked with children as a teacher, and through having her own children, Lucy knows how different approaches to divorce can affect children differently, but also how hard it is to do it “well”.

She understands how emotionally challenging it can be when you want the best for your children and don’t trust your ex. Just having someone who understands what you are going through makes it easier to calm your emotions enough to come up with a practical plan.