Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

by | 18 May 2020

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme is ‘kindness’, which I love. 

So often, mental health can seem out of reach; complicated; something you might get a chance at if you stay on a waiting list long enough, find the ‘right’ therapist or take prescription meds. 

But kindness is immediate: we can all do something kind today and, according to the Mental Health Foundation, kindness and mental health are deeply connected. 

Kindness is something we all understand. We can all offer it and we can all receive it – and there are so many heart-warming examples of kindness around at the moment. 

When work with mums (and dads) getting divorced, I encourage them to prioritise their emotional needs.

Your mental health might have been a bit ‘rickety’ as a result of relationship breakdown, and it’s not uncommon for divorce to leave you feeling emotionally underwater – this is why having the right support is so valuable.

There’s more information on the Mental Health Foundation’s website.




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