Kind Words

When put in a position of the unknown it is quite daunting to reach out to get help and advice.  And given I had never separated from a partner before I really had no “go-to place” of where I would find the right advice and guidance.  I was put in touch with Lucy through a mutual friend.  From the moment we started chatting I knew she had my back and provided me with some excellent advice and help with my situation.  Lucy’s coaching and advice gave me the support I needed and the strength to keep going and get to the results I set out to get in the first place.  Lucy very quickly understood my situation and assessed everything with an open mind but knew where I needed to get to, and quickly.  Lucy was a huge help to me mentally and physically as I felt so out of my depths and she gave me that all-important support and I am now moving forwards in the right direction. 


Lucy has been a great support and makes difficult times more bearable. She is easy to talk to as she listens with empathy while I download, but knows just when to steer the conversation to what options I have, helping me come up with a practical plan and giving me confidence that I can do it. Having worked with children as a teacher, and through having her own children, Lucy knows how different approaches to divorce can affect children differently, but also how hard it is to do it “well”. She understands how emotionally challenging it can be when you want the best for your children and don’t trust your ex. Just having someone who understands what you are going through makes it easier to calm your emotions enough to come up with a practical plan.



My name is Kevin and my partner was having immense difficulty with her ex husband with her divorce and in dealing with him and the impact on their children.

Whilst I was not Lucy’s ideal client my partner was, and this was why I sight out Lucy’s advice after a recommendation from a mutual friend.

When we first met Lucy she immediately made us feel that she knew her stuff. She was clear and concise and quickly got to the crux of the matter.

My partner was under considerable strain, emotionally, financially and had developed mental health issues through the stress.

I was struggling under the strain of trying to maintain a new relationship which should have been fun and dealing with the horrible attitude of her ex husband to me and to my partner. 

We both had massive reservations about the system which had failed her so badly. She felt that not one would listen, except me and that the system was so biased towards her ex husband that things were hopeless.

Lucy cut through the fog and helped us to see a small possibility.  We clung to that chink of light, that ray of hope that something might actually go her way. 

As we involved Lucy more, took her valuable advice and actually implemented it, we began to have greater hope and this helped in the bad times.

One of the biggest revelations was the fact that Lucy helped us to see things from the children’s perspective. Often we got so caught up in the battles and bitterness that it inevitably rubbed off on the children.  Lucy helped my partner to calm down and recommended a number of actions she should take when things go too much.

There are many other invaluable pieces of advice and help that Lucy has given us both and she has truly gone above and beyond her remit.

We can never thank Lucy enough and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who finds themselves in a similar position.

My partners only regret was that she didn’t know Lucy at the start. The entire divorce process would have been much easier to deal with had she commissioned her services then.

We both believe if you have Lucy by your side from the beginning you will not only save a fortune on legal fees but you will find someone who will have immense empathy mixed with straight line talking and composite knowledge.


If you’re getting divorced, I urge you to think ‘coach’ before ‘lawyer’.